Childhood is the foundation of the human character. In every child's journey, there are ups and downs, challenges and victories, all unique and fascinating. In a child's personal development journey, a guide is needed to show the way step by step, to explain the importance of landmarks, tu unconditionally support the effort and appreciate achievement.


CHARTARIUM is a method based on editable visual resources meant to support your work as a parent, teacher, etc. - charts, posters, activity sheets, organized so as your child can go through all the essential stages of his/her development. And you will be certain there are no holes in the child's journey to self-fulfillment!

"I believe CHARTARIUM is a unique and valuable method because it can help thousands and thousands of parents and children find hands-on answers to their emotional development needs. VHARTARIUM is this infinite universe of charts, posters and activity sheets for children, and it is the result of the time and effort I put into my kids. THEY are my investment in the future of this world."

Cristina CIOBANU